Prompt: Letter to Someone You Miss


One thought on “Prompt: Letter to Someone You Miss

  1. Dear Grandpa,

    It has been a really long time since I have been able to see you. Last time I saw you, you were in a hospital bed fighting for your life. Lung cancer was something that is pretty much impossible to overcome, and this proved true again with you. I didn’t get as many memories with you as I wish I had, since you passed away when I was only 7 years old. I do remember going to the vineyard multiple times with you, and when you would let me sit on your lap and you would rub my back and always tell my fortune. In 2005 we went on an amazing trip together and got to experience so many great things together while we were on that trip. I remember how the deckhands would bring you up the stairs, and they would even bring you and your wheelchair onto the zodiacs. We got to see a blue whale up close that day. It actually came right up to our boat and my mom, your daughter, got to touch it. I was really upset that day, I was the youngest and the littlest so I wasn’t able to touch the whale. You told me “Well god will bless you with other amazing experiences and opportunities.” I have always thought about that quote to this very day. You meant the world to me and I miss you so much now. I love you Grandpa.

    I love and miss you,

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